[Free Advent Printable]: Joyful Mysteries Coloring Page!

Praying the Joyful Mysteries during Advent is a beautiful yet simple way to prepare for Christmas. But sometimes our kids need help focusing!

This coloring page, from the rosary section of Catechism of the Seven Sacraments, can help your children reflect more deeply on each mystery as they follow along with the rest of the family. Once it’s downloaded, you can print as many times as you need this season!

StoryTel on EWTN Radio's The Good Fight

StoryTel was delighted to be on The Good Fight with Barbara McGuigan the weekend. Don Carney and our authors, Kevin and Mary O’Neill went in depth into our new book, Catechism of the Seven Sacraments. If you missed the show, click play below to listen:

During the show, visitors to our StoryTel website were be able to preview the entire Catechism of the Seven Sacraments from cover to cover! That preview will remain up through Thanksgiving weekend.

StoryTel on EWTN Radio Saturday 11/17!

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 17th, our Catechism of the Seven Sacraments authors Kevin & Mary O’Neill and StoryTel Publisher Don Carney will be the featured guests on EWTN’s most listened to weekend radio show, The Good Fight with Barbara McGuigan from 2-4pm ET. Listen here.

Barbara and Don will first talk about the mission and work of StoryTel Foundation focusing on two StoryTel films that will be airing on EWTN’s Global Catholic Television Network coming up in December: Where Heaven Meets Earth and On Assignment Magazine: Holiday Edition. Then we’ll spend the rest of the two hour program talking with authors Kevin and Mary O’Neill about their new hit book Catechism of the Seven Sacraments, published by our own StoryTel Press.

While The Good Fight is being broadcast tomorrow and for the rest of this weekend all visitors to our StoryTel website will be able to preview the entire Catechism of the Seven Sacraments from cover to cover!

Our conversation with Barbara McGuigan will explain how and why this great new Catechism for the whole family came about while together we explore the teachings and imagery in the book with listeners able to see the book on their computers at home at the same time!

So please join us tomorrow from 2 pm to 4 pm ET on EWTN’s The Good Fight with Barbara McGuigan!

Christmas Book Trailer: Author Insights

We’re delighted to release our first Christmas themed book trailer for our new book, Catechism of the Seven Sacraments. In this video we go behind the scenes and share insights about the book from the authors, taken from our upcoming documentary film about the making about the book. Enjoy.

QUICK BOOK UPDATE: Over 10,000 copies of the book sold in its first six months! We look forward to a robust Christmas season. More about the book here.

10,000 more books!

Have you ever wondered what 10,000 hard cover textbook-sized book looks like? We’re excited to receive our second printing of 10,000 copies of Catechism of the Seven Sacraments at our fulfillment center here in Omaha. Just in time too, as we only had a handful left. Now we’re all set for the Christmas shopping season!

Order your your copy today before we burn through these in the Christmas shopping season!

This is our second printing, as we’ve sold nearly 10,000 books since our launch in April. Learn more about the book.

Catechism of the Seven Sacraments eBook now available!

StoryTel Press is excited to announce that the Kindle eBook version of our new book, Catechism of the Seven Sacraments, is now available at Amazon!

Kindle books can be read on all Amazon Kindle tablets and readers and on the kindle app on all smartphones, tablets, and computers. Our ebook displays particularly well projected from a computer for classroom use.

If you’re new to eBooks, please check out our info video below.


Did you know that our latest book, Catechism of the Seven Sacraments, includes a detailed guide on how to pray the Rosary? 

The Rosary section has a clever diagram for beginners on the different parts of the rosary. This is followed by colorful illustrations and in-depth explanations on each decade of each mystery. 

Finally, in a clever twist on the classic building block toy paper instructions, detailed direction is given on each prayer, and when to say them.   

Preview the full section by clicking below:

Order the book before the end of July and get FREE SHIPPING on any quantity!

PRESS RELEASE: Rave Reviews From Readers Keep Rolling In For StoryTel’s New Catechism!

OMAHA, Neb., June 27, 2018 – StoryTel Press is thrilled to announce that people across the land are buying and applauding its new LEGO®️-illustrated “Catechism of the Seven Sacraments” by Kevin and Mary O'Neill!

"We've had little time to get out there and promote our new catechism up till now because we've been overwhelmed with fulfilling orders for the book from individuals, online resellers and nearly 100 brick and mortar store owners," said Don Carney, president of StoryTel Foundation and publisher of StoryTel Press. "Sales thus far have all come from a few emails sent through Catholic Marketing Network, reviews from mom bloggers, a Catholic priest’s blog and a few Catholic radio interviews with the authors."

"With nearly 6,000 books sold in three months, families across the country are letting us and others know what they think of our colorful, new hardback book, and so far it's all good!" said Phil Halpin, managing editor of the book and vice president of operations at StoryTel Foundation. A sampling of what people are saying on Amazon and other sites about “Catechism of the Seven Sacraments” illustrates this point:

"I wish I could give this book 10 stars! The attention to detail, the solid Catholic teaching, the sacraments are all beautifully presented using Legos. Legos. If someone had told me two weeks ago that I would be raving about a book about the sacraments that used Legos as a teaching tool, I would have thought they were crazy. But what a great idea!! And even better, it works!!" —Maureen Martin, Amazon reviewer

"This book has captured the ageless beauty of God's action in human history and paired it with amazing modern visuals. I can't wait to share it with the pre-teens I teach in my parish!"  —Shannon Hejkal, homeschool mother and catechist

"A visual feast, theologically sound, and very thorough! I love how it captures and brings to life the truths of our Faith through a child’s imagination via the use of LEGO. I shared this with my third grade students and they loved it! They were engaged and it held their attention. I am already using this book as a supplemental resource in the classroom. God bless you and your efforts!" —Aimee Gabel, 3rd grade Catholic school teacher

“Catechism of the Seven Sacraments” is indeed a visual feast; 750 bright, colorful photographs laid out in vivid, modern, comic-book style fill to overflowing the 292 pages of this well-constructed, hardbound, built-to-last book with dynamic scenes from the Old and New Testaments and current day, as well.

All scenes are populated and portrayed by a multitude of three-dimensional "LEGO" and other toy figures, surrounded and supported by a plethora of "LEGO" bricks, other plastic set pieces, traditional religious statues, handmade costumes and props. Every scene was conceived, sculpted, arranged into place and photographed for the book by Kevin and Mary O'Neill and their seven children.

And the really great news about this unique new catechism is that the inspired and highly entertaining visual look of the book is just the beginning of the "GOOD NEWS." Once pulled inside by the pictures, readers of the work discover that the teachings are there, the truth is proclaimed and the content is solidly Catholic in every way:

"We are thoroughly loving this giant, comic-strip, LEGO-illustrated, sacrament-themed, scripture-rich, brand-new book from StoryTel Press. Almost 300 pages tell the story of the sacraments through the eyes of two kids, Fulton and Cynthia. Exploring the connecting typology of the sacraments as found in the Old Testament and the Church today, the book also weaves in saints, morality, prayer, and more. My students are fascinated by the details in the LEGO scenes that tell the story and enjoy finding bricks that they have at home to recreate the pictures. I love the richness of the faith that is shared in such a multifaceted manner throughout the book, and how they use the sacraments to weave together the story of salvation history. The graphic novel style compels you to keep picking it up, flipping to a new section, and reading more. There is also a handy glossary in the back, color-coded sections by sacrament, and frequent Scripture and Catechism references in the margins. We look forward to more books from the O'Neill Family!" —Katie Bogneron, Amazon reviewer

StoryTel, a non-profit media foundation on a mission to restore the sacred, was developing and filming a short TV documentary on the O'Neill family and their catechism project when the two entities agreed StoryTel would publish this outside-the-box catechism.

StoryTel Foundation then spent a year translating its high-end filmmaking skills into high-end book production and created StoryTel Press. They expanded their team to include layout artists, editors and printing experts. They learned the imprimatur and large-scale printing processes. The imprimatur was granted by Archbishop George J. Lucas of Omaha, Nebraska, on February 3, 2018, and printing was completed on April 9.

"It’s been a whirlwind year," said Carney, "and we look forward to an even busier Christmas season."



Disclaimer: LEGO®, the brick configuration, and the minifigure are trademarks of The LEGO Group, which does not sponsor,  authorize, or endorse this book.