Miles Christi: Soldiers of Christ in America

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Miles Christi:
Soldiers of Christ in America

StoryTel On Assignment

StoryTel ON ASSIGNMENT investigates a vibrant new order of priests and brothers from Argentina dedicated to helping lay Catholics grow in holiness. In a culture flooded with relativism, secularism and consumerism, Miles Christi – translated "Soldier of Christ" – fights to restore a Christ-centered life one soul at a time.

Running time: 60 minutes

Produced and Directed by
Don Carney

Written and Edited by
Phil Halpin

Executive Producers
Chris Carney
Jason Elder

Director of Photography
Bob Barwegen

Second Unit Director of Photography
Garry Grasinski

Music by
Luke Halpin

Tom Krol

Priest looking at watch
Priest holding eucharist
Fr Hardon
Miles Christi soccer
Miles Christi chapel at night

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Miles Christi

Filmed on location in Argentina and Michigan, this unprecedented documentary offers the rare chance to go behind the walls of the Miles Christi religious community to discover its courageous calling and joyful, yet determined, spirit. ON ASSIGNMENT uncovers the story of the order's founding and its important work to preach the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius across the United States.

In-depth interviews with Miles Christi members, a beautiful original music score, and rich cinematography create a powerful immersion experience that will inspire you to fight for holiness in your own life.

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ON ASSIGNMENT is StoryTel’s investigative TV series produced for public broadcast and DVD distribution. Regularly featured on EWTN Global Catholic Network and other Catholic television stations, On Assignment captures dramatic, transformative, true stories of people throughout history and today who are saying a humble "Yes" to God's work in the world.

Miles Christi
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