How It Works

StoryTel Foundation is a non-profit film production company that tells and distributes the stories of worthy organizations regardless of their ability to pay the full cost of high quality production. Most of the production cost is subsidized by the donations of people that share our vision of spreading God’s stories using all available media. 

Where We Need Help

Send us your prayers and ideas, of course, but our most practical and pressing need is donations for our ongoing operating and production costs. Your gift helps us to complete, promote, and distribute our current film, and helps us get started on our next film. You may also earmark your donation to support a specific project. 

How to Get Started

Please make a donation today, or click on one of our in-progress projects below to support it specifically. If you cannot make a financial donation at this time, please keep us in your prayers and let us know that you agree with and support our mission. We thank you for your prayers, as well as your financial and moral support. 

Projects In Need of Funding

It takes over a year to complete a large film project. God's stories must be told in a high quality manner or the channel will be changed.  We take the time to do it right. We run on very tight budgets, but quality comes at a cost. Please help us tell God's stories.