Great story is paramount at StoryTel. We also strive for a balance of drama and hope, as well as beauty and edginess. Consider the following guidelines when you suggest a story for us to tell. 

  • God's Call. The subject, person or organization is answering God's call in some way.
  • Human Dignity. The subject, person or organization is equally treating all people with utmost human dignity. 
  • Hope. The story includes both a struggle and hope.  
  • EWTN. The program content passes the EWTN broadcast review committee, which generally eschews scandal, politics, religious controversy or direct advertising/fundraising.
  • Compelling Story. The story is compelling, according to the judgment of StoryTel's creative brain trust. The "StoryTel Creative Brain Trust" currently consists of Don Carney and Phil Halpin, who have decades of experience identifying and telling great stories through film, TV, and Web mediums.

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