StoryTel is a private, non-profit media foundation on a mission to inspire people to restore the Sacred.



StoryTel Foundation

StoryTel Foundation creates, promotes and distributes compelling documentaries, TV shows, Books, and other media that tell the uncommon stories of individuals and organizations who restore the sacred in their own communities, inspiring reverence towards God and the things of God.

What is On Assignment?

On Assignment is StoryTel’s investigative TV series produced for public broadcast and DVD distribution. Regularly featured on EWTN Global Catholic Network and other Catholic television stations, On Assignment captures dramatic, transformative, true stories of people throughout history and today who are saying a humble "Yes" to God's work in the world.

Promotion & Distribution

Making sure people see what we produce is crucial to the success of StoryTel’s mission. Because of this, we give away as much original TV and video programming as we can to increase the number of people who will view and benefit from the message of our productions. 

Case Study

St. Peter Catholic Church

StoryTel very much looked forward to the opportunity to work with Father Cook, and it turned out that he was familiar with StoryTel’s work. While interviewing Cook for the documentary, StoryTel learned that, interestingly enough, it was a DVD of the documentary St. John Cantius, Restoring the Sacred that actually inspired Father Cook to visit St. John Cantius Church, while on a trip to Chicago, and moved him towards his effort to renew the aging St. Peter Church building. In this way StoryTel’s work has a ripple effect that extends far beyond the boundaries of a single film or fundraising project alone.

StoryTel began working with Father Cook to produce a video which would highlight the parish's rebirth and help raise money for the church building restoration. That 13-minute video went on to help raise over $3 million for the parish and as one thing led to another, it became obvious that a full documentary was developing which ultimately resulted in Where Heaven Meets Earth.

Need For Quality Films & Videos

A video is worth 1.8 million words

When we read, our minds take time to convert text into visual images that we encode with emotion and remember. Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research underscores this concept in his research, which found that one-minute of video equals to 1.8 million words.

Video is a powerful communicator

Why spend 10-20 minutes reading about something when you can spend 1-2 minutes watching it? With video, it is proven that most individuals retain 95% of the message, whereas they only retain about 10% of the message from text.

Quality must be as good as Discovery Channel

When people watch any program, they unconsciously compare it to the best on television. If it is not comparable, they simply change the channel and the message is not heard. God's stories must be told with the highest production quality available. That is our mission.