Holiday Edition of On Assignment Magazine

This is an exclusive look at StoryTel's first episode of On Assignment Magazine. On Assignment Magazine is an on-the-road TV series investigating stories of hope around the country. These are true stories, which both entertain and inspire the audience to take action and do work for God in their own lives. 

We launched our series with a holiday edition promoting the theme of ordinary people responding to God's call to find Jesus in others in extraordinary ways. Learn more about On Assignment Magazine. Please let us know how you like it!


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OMAHA, Neb., Dec. 8, 2016 ― StoryTel Foundation will launch its new TV series "On Assignment Magazine" with a special holiday edition on EWTN Global Catholic Network on Dec. 15 at 6:30 p.m. ET and Dec. 21 at 10:30 p.m. ET. The half-hour episode takes the audience on the road to discover three inspiring stories of hope: an elaborate Thanksgiving meal for the homeless in Omaha, a Christmas party in honor of families in Chicago who bravely chose life, and a reflection on the unidentified shepherds who greeted Christ at the very first Christmas.

As the pilot episode of "On Assignment Magazine," the Holiday Edition introduces the series theme that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they listen for God's call and then courageously take action to do His work in their own lives or communities.

"On Assignment Magazine" is an on-the-road TV series investigating stories of hope around the country. These true stories are told through the same intuitive lens and high-quality production value StoryTel films are known for, but within a smaller story scope. In contrast to StoryTel's full-length ON ASSIGNMENT documentaries, such as the 2014 film "Miles Christi: Soldiers of Christ in America," this new magazine format features several short story segments connected by a particular theme for each episode.

"We love producing in the magazine format because we've discovered that, despite the challenging times, there is an abundance of wonderful stories of ordinary people doing amazing things all around us," explained series co-writer and film editor Phil Halpin. "This format allows us to capture

far more—and a wider variety of—stories of Godly people in action, and thus we can reach a wider audience. It also allows us to flex our creative muscles in new, upbeat, and perhaps unexpected ways, making our message more engaging for our viewers."

This inaugural holiday edition illustrates this creative flexibility by featuring stories about three very different holiday parties entitled: "Guess Who's Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner?," "Where Miracles Happen," and "Ordinary Guys." The first segment tells the story of an elaborate Thanksgiving meal for the poor and homeless served in style by hundreds of volunteers. The second segment takes the audience behind the scenes of a yearly Christmas party for hundreds of poor families who chose life for their children despite nearly impossible circumstances. Both segments give witness to the powerful reality that while the volunteers are helping those in need, those in need are also helping the volunteers; they are finding Jesus in one another.

The third segment takes this theme in a new direction as it ponders the shepherds of Bethlehem—the only invited but never identified guests at the birth of Jesus. Though they were just ordinary guys, the shepherds went out and literally found Jesus when God asked them to.

Founded in 2008, StoryTel Foundation is a nonprofit media foundation dedicated to inspiring people to restore the sacred.  StoryTel accomplishes this mission by producing documentaries, television programs and other film projects about organizations and people who are collaborating with God to accomplish His work here on earth.

"We want our film projects to further the missions of the organizations we feature," said Don Carney, series director and president of StoryTel, "but we especially want to help the viewers connect with God and begin to restore the sacred, as we call it, in their own lives and communities."

Six of StoryTel's ON ASSIGNMENT documentary films have previously aired on EWTN many times over the years. But, as Carney explained, "We're incredibly excited to share more stories than ever, and at a much faster cadence, with our new on-the-road series. We have over 65 story segments in our production pipeline and are discovering new stories from around the country all the time."

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