Preview of: "Guess Who's Coming to (Thanksgiving) Dinner" Story Segment

Guess Who's Coming to (Thanksgiving) Dinner?

Story Segment from On Assignment Magazine

"Just before 11 AM, “Ollie the Trolley” heads out and collects the guests from a nearby shelter, a retirement home, and whomever they can find on the downtown streets of Omaha."

Once every year on Thanksgiving Saint Peter Catholic Church, Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church, and many others come together and put on a most unusual dinner party in downtown Omaha. This year the On Assignment Magazine film crew captures this surprising story of hope and human respect. 

Running time: 16 minutes

Review only. Not ready for broadcast.

The is a segment of the  final version of the program submitted for content review to EWTN. Pending any content change requests, this episode is the final version. Not for widespread distribution.

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