Our Biggest Shoot Ever - The Corpus Christi Procession

StoryTel Foundation and the Great Plains Motion Picture Company will be out in full force this Sunday, June 6, 2010 to film a thousand men, women and children as they follow Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament through the streets of Omaha, Nebraska, in prayerful celebration of the feast of Corpus Christi.


Our crew will include a producer, a director of cinematography, a production manager, two audio engineers, four production assistants and three professional drivers who will maneuver three mini camera/equipment transport vehicles to assist six top notch camera operators armed with Pro HD Video Cameras, including two motion picture level cameras, as they shoot this traditional, religious and very photogenic event from every angle.

Why Are We Shooting This?


We're excited to announce this shoot begins production on an extremely high end, fast paced, investigative documentary look at the Real Presence. This new episode of ON ASSIGNMENT for EWTN will report on recent and past purported Eucharistic miracles while profiling what the Real Presence means to everyone from the Pope to the person in the pew. The Corpus Christi procession will tie all parts of our new documentary together.

More New Productions!

We are also developing an ON ASSIGNMENT that will document the restoration of the sacred at Saint Peter Church in Omaha. Another, shorter program on this same topic will be produced and shown on a huge screen to the many thousands of people who will turn out to see and hear Father John Corapi speak live and in person in Omaha on September 11th, 2010. Segments from the Corpus Christi procession will play key roles in both of these productions. And finally, EWTN would like us to produce an ON ASSIGNMENT segment that focuses solely on the Corpus Christi procession itself.

So You Can See Why I Say This is a crucial shoot for StoryTel. This is why we're pulling out all the stops. This one full day of shooting is essential to the success of two, and very important to the success of at least two more StoryTel productions. Plus images from this event will continue to find their way into our productions for many years to come.

Please Pray For Good Weather On Sunday, June 6th!