St. John Cantius Program Continues to Inspire on EWTN

Don just told me a cool story about how our St. John Cantius video touched one of our viewers.

There was this nice lady in NJ who was having trouble sleeping last week and got up to watch some EWTN. It turns out that they rebroadcasted our episode at 3 am or so, and she told Don that it really lifted her spirits. Their pastor was trying to restore the sacred in their parish and feeling frustrated so she called us and asked for 2 copies of the DVD, one for them and one for the priest.

Don sent her four copies, and asked her to say a prayer to her guardian angel and then give the third and fourth away to whoever she felt inspired to give them to. 

Pretty cool.

UPDATE:As it turns out EWTN re-aired the program the next day at the more reasonable time of 6:30 pm ET. We received many calls and e-mails all requesting a copy of the program and offering donations, and we have been responding to those requests and sending out DVDs for several days now, more than 25 mailed already, with more to go. Thanks everyone for responding so favorably to our documentary on Saint John Cantius yet again.

By the way, Fr. Scott Haynes, CRSJC of Saint John Cantius calls this work of StoryTel, “a powerful tool for our parish’s revitalization and the work of our religious community! Fr. Haynes also called our documentary, “a decisive tool for attracting vocations, a video that clearly proclaims, who we are and what we do!” Excitedly, he also praised the documentary for its monetary contributions to their ministry.
More episodes on many more topics are in the works.