Filming Update From Argentina - The Miracle at Customs

We made it safely to Argentina late last night after a bumpy ride with some passengers getting ill because of it. There were complications with Customs entering the country. Seems there was some sort of "formal presentation" that should have been prepared ahead of time by us or Miles Christi about the whole project simply because we are bringing in $40,000 worth of equipment. We did not know we needed to do this. Miles Christi did not know either.

The Customs agents were nice to us but they were going to hold our equipment for 24 hours or more until we or Miles Christi accomplished this step properly. The priests who came to meet us were talking to the man for us and it was friendly but serious and not looking good. In the midst of their trying to explain their religious order to the man who had not heard of them, one of the priests mentioned their founder Father Yanuzzi.

The customs agent said, "Father Yanuzzi?"

The priests said, "Yes."

The man said, "Father Roberto Yannuzi?"

The priests said, "Yes."

The man said, "Father Roberto Yanuzzi was my confessor when I was 18 years old! So he has started an order of priests?" Well Good for him! I love Father Roberto! How is he doing?"

He pulled out his cell phone and called his boss who was in the parking lot just getting into his car to go home for the night. Five minutes later the boss came back in to the airport and talked with the agent and the priests for a couple of minutes and then said, "fine, whatever the agent here says is fine with me."

And so the customs waters parted for us and we were waved through without even having them look at any of our stuff or filling out any paper work at all. The priests only had to give him Father Yanuzzi's mailing address and promise to say hello for him and give him his best wishes. And so it seems God wants us here for sure.

Shooting is going very well thus far. We still have not had enough sleep and it's 11 pm now. We just finished dinner about 45 minutes ago. They eat dinner very late here.