Omaha’s St. Peter Catholic Church Revival Based on Restoring the Sacred

Here is a blog we found about St. Peter Church in Omaha, the subject of StoryTel's next On Assignment documentary. To read the full blog go to:

Leo Adam Biga's Blog

Here is an exerpt. The man speaking is St. Peter’s pastor Rev. Damien Cook:

“I just feel really blessed,” he says. “There’s always been faith here, and I inherited that from the priests who went before me. Even if the congregation was smaller the people here were really receptive to the whole evangelization process — of going out and telling their friends, ‘You should come down to St. Peter’s for Mass. Just try it once.’ And once people do they get kind of hooked.


Rev. Cook is on the left

“So the people themselves are the greatest gift to me. They really want to know more about the faith, they really do want the sacred and are excited about restoring the sacred.”