On The Front Lines - An Overview

StoryTel Foundation is on the front lines of helping those on the front lines and strives to develop and provide superior media aid to those in need. We do this in a growing array of ways for people and organizations who are engaged on the front lines of the Church, pro-life, medical, education and more in the war against the culture of death, the war of good vs. evil, the battle to save souls for Christ.

One Example is our work for Saint Peter Catholic Church which demonstrates a few ways in which StoryTel can help one client to restore the sacred via our special media aid:

  • We produced the short video: “Excerpts From An Upcoming Episode Of ON ASSIGNMENT” about and for Saint Peter’s that has already helped them to raise over a million and a half dollars.
  • We made it possible for them to put this video on the home page of their parish website with us as the video host.
  • We produced a “StoryTel Short” on their Corpus Christi Procession which is on their website, again with us as host.
  • We convinced a local news writer to write an article about Saint Peter’s which was subsequently published in a widely read Omaha newspaper.
  • We worked with one of StoryTel’s favorite photographers, Bob Ervin, to capture images of Saint Peter’s that they needed for their fund raising brochure.
  • In 2012 EWTN will broadcast StoryTel’s full length ON ASSIGNMENT documentary about St. Peter’s which will inspire millions of viewers to restore the sacred in their own lives, family, parish and community.

This is why we can honestly say that StoryTel Foundation is on the front lines of helping those on the front lines!