St. John Cantius Restoring the Sacred Reaches Nearly Every Country in Spanish Speaking World


November 2012 marks StoryTel’s entry into the Spanish-speaking market throughout Latin America, Spain and the US. Some of what I’m going to tell you next may seem exaggerated, but it’s not.

By way of EWTN’s International TV broadcast, Saint John Cantius: Restoring the Sacred was able to reach every single Spanish speaking country in North America, South America and Europe. Our program is being watched in Español in 26 Spanish speaking countries including Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and Venezuela — as well as the United States.

This didn’t happen by accident. Instead, we made the decision to meet the Spanish speaking homes where they are at — using the same language they hear everyday. It’s easy to understand how the sound of one's native tongue is the sweetest sound. In a world where spoken word is king, we couldn’t rely on subtitles to inspire this new audience.

In partnership with Tom Krol, of Level 10 Sound, StoryTel hired over a dozen talented voice actors to immerse our new audience in this miraculous Chicago experience. The result was our Spanish language dubbed translation, San Juan Cancio: La Restauraciòn De Lo Sagrado.

San Juan Cancio has already been broadcast three times throughout the Latin American world this November and will continue to air in perpetuity, much like the Saint John Cantius program in English.

This means that we've added almost two whole continents of potential StoryTel viewers and expanded our total viewership market by millions. But the good news doesn’t stop there.

Our partnership with EWTN has broken through the glass ceiling of viewership in 2011. We are now reaping the benefits of EWTN’s global market expansion in 2012.

From reaching 160 million homes in 2011 — an impressive number to begin with — to over 200 million homes in 2012, its difficult to keep up with the growing impact our ON ASSIGNMENT documentaries are having given the explosion of viewers craving an inspiring message in a turbulent world.

This accomplishment began with the financial support of our donors. Our donors are a fundamental part of the StoryTel team and we couldn’t have done it without them. So to our donors thank you for all your support and congratulations to you as well, for the fantastic success of Saint John Cantius: Restoring the Sacred!

May God bless you, your family, and your work.