StoryTel Shorts!

StoryTel Shorts is the working title for what will eventually be a never ending series of short subject (one to 4 minute) films. Each short will have its initial broadcast on EWTN and then we will offer them to others. Our first two programs, “Confession” and “Corpus Christi Procession”, are taken from two full length StoryTel programs. We re-edited each to stand alone with its own beginning, middle and end, covering only the top the title suggests.

We plan to produce many more of these little productions, some like these first two samples, will come from existing StoryTel programs while others will be created specifically as a short subject films. This is a great way to cover a topic quickly for less cost and it’s in keeping with the ever shorter attention span of people everywhere.

“Confession” and “Corpus Christi Procession” are located on the Screening Room page of our StoryTel website.

Here’s the direct link to our screening room page: /screeningroom/

We have also put these StoryTel Shorts on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.