"For Greater Glory" Andy Garcia Film

We're posting this and other articles about the new movie "For Greater Glory" because it's an incredible TRUE STORY about how a government attempted to deny its people, in this case Catholics of Mexico, of their right to religious freedom. Enough people said "NO" to this outrage and demonstrated publicly; and some, as a last resort, armed themselves against this diabolical regime and went to war with them in a life and death struggle to restore their rights, to restore the sacred!

Here is in excerpt from the companion book to the movie:


By Archbishop José Gomez

The anti-Catholic persecutions in Mexico in the 1920s and 1930s are long forgotten, it seems.

The reality is hard to believe. Just a generation ago, not far from our borders, thousands of men, women and even children, were imprisoned, exiled, tortured, and murdered. All for the “crime” of believing in Jesus Christ and wanting to live by their faith in him.

So I welcome the new film, For Greater Glory. It tells the dramatic story of this unknown war against religion and our Church’s heroic resistance. It’s a strong film with a timely message. It reminds us that our religious liberties are won by blood and we can never take them for granted.

That such repression could happen in a nation so deeply Catholic as Mexico should make everybody stop and think. Mexico was the original cradle of Christianity in the New World. It was the missionary base from which most of North and South America, and parts of Asia, were first evangelized.

Yet following the revolution in 1917, the new atheist-socialist regime vowed to free the people from all “fanaticism and prejudices.

Churches, seminaries and convents were seized, desecrated and many were destroyed. Public displays of piety and devotion were outlawed. Catholic schools and newspapers were shut down; Catholic political parties and labor unions banned. Priests were tortured and killed, many of them shot while celebrating Mass. Read more.