What Kind of Priest Do You Want?


A couple weeks ago StoryTel received an email from a seminarian saying:

Please send me the "Where Heaven Meets Earth, Restoring the Sacred at St. Peter's Church" DVD. 

I am excited to see the "Where Heaven Meets Earth" documentary as I have two years left in seminary formation and hope that this will aid me in my formation as a future parish priest and pastor.


So we not only sent Chris his DVD, we were inspired to take this a step further and gifted 50 "Where Heaven Meets Earth" DVDs to seminarians who attended the Institute for Priestly Formation this summer.

The Institute for Priestly Formation (IPF), a non-profit Public Association of the Faithful, serves bishops by working directly with priests, seminarians, and seminaries so that spiritual formation is the center around which all other aspects of priestly formation are integrated. They have served close to 2,000 priests and seminarians from over 154 dioceses in the United States, 38 international dioceses, and eight religious orders.

The Institute for Priestly Formation states,

Every priest is ordained with a passion for Christ, a deep love for the Church, and a zeal for the priesthood. However, attention to the spiritual life can easily be lost in the midst of the many demands on a priest’s time. This results in a weakened priesthood, leaving the laity hungry for spiritual leadership.
None of us question the beauty of the priesthood. However, considering the contemporary challenges facing the priesthood, as well as Blessed John Paul II’s exhortation that a renewed priesthood is essential for the “future evangelization of humanity,” the question facing the laity is not, “Do you want the priesthood?” but rather, “What kind of priest do you want?”
What kind of priest do you want hearing your confession? What kind of priest do you want anointing your aging parents? What kind of priest do you want forming the souls of your grandchildren?

We want the story of Restoring the Sacred at St. Peter Church on "Where Heaven Meets Earth" to aid Chris in his formation and the formation of more future priests... inspiring them to restore the sacred all across America.

If you'd like to help defray the cost of this strategic DVD giveaway and other strategic outreach programs like it, designed to reach the influencers who will help bring about the restoration the sacred, you can give today on our donate page. If you can't give but would still like to support us, please pray for our work.

And finally, if you are a seminarian who attended IPF this summer and did not receive a DVD but you would like one please contact us at storytel.org/contact.

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