StoryTel's First Book Coming in 2018!

Our newly established StoryTel Press has discovered new authors Kevin and Mary O'Neill, and together we have created a book unlike any other about the seven sacraments of the Catholic Faith illustrated completely with LEGO® bricks and toy figures!

Catechism of the Seven Sacraments guides both children and adults on a one-of-a-kind biblical journey through the sacraments using dozens of elements and true stories from the Old and New Testaments to explain and elaborate on each sacrament. Young readers will love the fun characters and story scenes, while more advanced readers will appreciate the biblical connections and precise explanations of Catholic teaching.

This unique, new catechism is jam-packed with no less than 731 colorful pictures designed to hold your attention as you read this comprehensive, 293-page, coffee-table-size, hardcover book. Every page is artistically illustrated in comic-book style with intricate LEGO® brick scenes conceived, constructed and photographed by the two authors and their children.

Sneak peek:


Early last year, we received a call from a supporter in Chicago who gave us a story lead on a married couple – a landscaper and his teacher wife – with seven children who were working on a fascinating book project.

Kevin int.jpg

Our friend thought we should cover their story for our On Assignment Magazine TV show on EWTN. We investigated, agreed with our friend and decided to film this couple’s amazing story.

Mary int.jpg

The deeper we delved into this story and the book the O'Neills were creating, the more we realized God not only wanted us to tell their story, but he was also calling us to publish their book.

So we gathered all of our resources and began molding this exceptional work into publishable form and giving it the StoryTel touch. Our entire team worked closely with the O’Neills throughout the editorial process to create a fun, engaging and spiritually stimulating book for all ages. 

Months of refining the scripture-rich text, re-framing and enhancing hundreds of photos, and crafting a spectacular comic book-style layout has resulted in an impressive pairing of faith education and entertainment. Currently, this thorough, orthodox catechism on the sacraments is under nihil obstat and imprimatur review. Once we receive the Catholic Church’s seal of approval, we’ll be ready to print and promote this new book!

Printing and promoting Catechism of the Seven Sacraments will be expensive but worth it. And, as always, we need your prayers and financial support. There are millions of Catholics across our country searching for a fresh approach to teaching, learning, and practicing the sacraments God has given us to help us get to Heaven. This fun new catechism will be an answer to their prayers!

Your Christmas gift today will put this amazing sacramental teaching tool into countless homes and classrooms tomorrow! So please help us if you can.

May God continue to bless you abundantly during this holy holiday season!