Jesus Sighting in Ballwin, Mo.

What if I told you Jesus was seen walking in Ballwin, Mo., this summer? Would you believe me?

Perhaps you would if you've attended a Corpus Christi procession. Jesus, in His true Eucharistic presence, was carried by parishioners of Holy Infant Catholic Church around the parish grounds as a public witness of faith. StoryTel played a behind-the-scenes role in spreading devotion to this liturgical custom and sharing a real experience of the sacred with Ballwin residents.

This is how the encounter unfolded. Holy Infant parishioner Jim Rolwes remembered attending Corpus Christi processions as a youth, but his parish hadn't hosted one in over 10 years. Not sure how to start, Rolwes searched online and discovered StoryTel's video of the Corpus Christi procession hosted by St. Peter Catholic Church in Omaha, Neb.

"This is tremendous!" Rolwes said after viewing the video. He knew he had to get his parish to host a procession of its own, but getting his parish to support the effort took some work.

"I was just amazed at how many people didn't know what a [Corpus Christi procession] is," Rolwes said. He contacted StoryTel for assistance. StoryTel repurposed the St. Peter procession footage and made a new video relevant to Holy Infant Catholic Church to help them educate organizers and advertise the event.

Rolwes shared the video with the Holy Infant Knights of Columbus, the heads of all parish ministries and many parishioners. Rolwes was impressed with the quality of the video and said it was very effective in garnering support. "It really made a big difference," he said. "It was very important."

On the Feast of Corpus Christi, Holy Infant hosted its own procession in honor of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. First communicants dressed in their white attire, families processed behind them and various parish groups walked together. Everyone followed Jesus around the parish and school property, stopping at three altars decorated by parish groups.

"The procession went really well," Rolwes said. "Everyone was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the turnout. We hope to expand the route next year."

Following the procession, everyone enjoyed free hamburgers, hotdogs and ice cream courtesy of the Holy Infant Knights of Columbus and Men's Club.  

If you would like to restore the sacred in your parish and neighborhood, consider hosting a Corpus Christi procession of your own. StoryTel would be happy to create a video to help your parish plan and advertise your procession.

Watch the video: