Saving America One Soul at a Time

“When I sent the first priests to the United States, I gave them $4000. I told them, 'I have no more.' It was a trust in providence.” —Father Roberto Yannuzzi, Founder of Miles Christi Religious Order

As we celebrate Independence Day, we revisit our 2014 film about the Miles Christi Religious Order, an order dedicated to helping lay Catholics grow in holiness. Miles Christi: Soldiers of Christ in America tells the story of the order's founding in Argentina and how its "soldiers of Christ" were sent to the United States to inspire Americans to fight for holiness in the midst of a secular culture.

“We see a huge thirst around the United States. A thirst for something solid, sound doctrine, a spirituality that really reaches the soul.” —Father Yannuzzi

As highlighted on the film, the priests and brothers of Miles Christi lead silent retreats and other related activities based on the teachings of St. Ignatius all over the United States. By the end of the film, we learn that if we make Jesus first in our lives we will always be home.

“The spiritual exercise and the teaching of the [Ignatian] Spiritual Exercises is at the heart of their work. But clearly that expresses itself in a number of different ways in the work with youth, in individual spiritual direction and family-centered programs.” —Cardinal Raymond Burke

Much like the priests and brothers of the Miles Christi order, we at StoryTel are also trying to restore the sacred and thus restore our country, one viewer at a time. We are trying to bring hope and inspiration to individuals across the country through our films and videos, praying our nation will always be a land of freedom and faith. 

Watch the Miles Christi trailer below, or visit the film's page on our website to watch the whole thing online. 

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