Sneak peek at our new TV series

Announcing On Assignment Magazine

On Assignment Magazine is an on-the-road TV series investigating true stories of hope around the country. Here at StoryTel Foundation, 2015 has been dedicated to the creative development of Season One, as well as a few side projects God put on our agenda. We're excited to present to you our Season One trailer, which shows what the new series is all about. 

As you travel with us on the series, the StoryTel crew will be your personal detectives, scouring the country for clues that lead to the conclusion that God is present and operating in our world after all. In a culture that often obscures God's work, On Assignment Magazine is a magnifying glass uncovering a true vision of hope to compel all of us to unlock the sacred. 

In each episode we'll investigate several cases of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for God. We'll share their stories with numerous people through various TV and Web channels and inspire more audiences than ever to trace God's footprints on their own roads. 

Please help us bring our new TV series to the airwaves!

But our ongoing investigation will stall without sidekicks. We need financial support to keep the van running and the cameras rolling. Please send us on the road to capture these stories for you, your family, your friends, and, most importantly, for God.