In Development: On Assignment Magazine TV Series

As outlined in the trailer above, On Assignment Magazine is a new variety-format television series that tells multiple stories of everyday people and clergy doing God’s work, day in and day out. During each 30-minute episode the audience joins the StoryTel crew on the road to uncover stories of faith and resilience across the country usually hidden from view. 

Engagement. Designed to keep audiences engaged through lush imagery, top-notch production, and unique viewpoints, each episode is a journey of three to six segments--similar in style to our long-form documentary films but smaller in scope. Exploring and restoring the sacred is a central message of StoryTel On Assignment, just as it is in our full-length documentary films. Other themes include answering God's call, no coincides, courage of convictions, and much more.  The kinds of stories we tell have not changed; we are just telling them with a new format in order to reach more people, with more stories, more often.

Season One. We are currently production for our first season of the series, which will be six to eight episodes. It will be broadcast on EWTN in 2016, and as many other broadcast and internet channels we can give to to spread the message as far as possible. But we need additional funding to complete the first season and continue this series into the future. 

Story Samples. Here are samples from our growing list of stories in production for the first season:


Help Us Complete This Series!

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We're also always looking for inspiring stories of people and groups doing great work for God and their fellow man. Given the more nimble production approach provided by this new format, we are now able to tell and broadcast more stories of our benefactor's favorite charities when they are consistent with the program's guidelines.


Please consider helping StoryTel with a donation to help us complete our vision of an awesome first season, and continuing and expanding the series every year. 

Story Ideas

We have a long list of stories to tell, but if you have a charitable organization with a great story, please let us know about it.

Submit your idea, or call Don at (402) 502-9258.