Totus Tuus (Totally Yours!)

"I think the primary reason Totus Tuus is powerful is because the teachers are praying. They have an encounter with Jesus and they're sharing that."

Totus Tuus is a fun and energetic parish-based summer catechetical program, for both grade school age children as well as junior and senior high school youth. The youthfulness, energy, and ability to witness to the Faith make the college-aged teachers particularly effective with children and young people. The Archdiocese of Omaha asked us to create three videos for their website to promote and explain the program. 

Behind the Scenes. Because of budget and logistical constraints, we utilized green-screen, compositing, and other computer generated imagery to create the look for this program. It has a natural look, but every element aside from the people interviewed was created in the computer. We were also unable to film "b-roll" for this program due to scheduling conflicts, so instead we utilized still photos from past programs, along with a number of sound effects and music, to bring the background of this story to life.

Share Totus Tuus. The Omaha Archdiocese vocations office has given us permission to re-use these videos in any way we can to help them spread the word about Totus Tuus. Feel free to re-use these videos on your own web site by using the "embed" or "download" buttons that appear when you play them. 


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