Salem Christian School

A bright but humble light in Chicago is in danger of being snuffed out.

Almost in the shadow of those tall buildings in Chicago, a mere four miles from that center of awesome power and wealth, a bright but humble light is in danger of being snuffed out. And ON ASSIGNMENT is there, chronicling one small school's courageous battle to keep bringing Jesus Christ and high-quality education to the children of inner-city Chicago. 

Changing demographics, declining enrollment and the toughest economic environment in decades have nearly sealed the fate of Salem Christian School. If it closes, most of Salem's students will face the entrenched secular attitudes, lower academic standards and seriously dangerous hallways, playgrounds and parking lots of the Chicago public school system. But there's a snag in the devil's plan: Salem's new principal and her dedicated teachers and staff refuse to give up!

Witness the amazing faith and wonderful work of these unsung heroes and their students as against all odds they keep teaching, praying, trusting and waiting on God for a miracle. 

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